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SPL Remote was removed from sale on 31st August 2023. More details can be found here.

SPL Remote requires users to have access to StationPlaylist Pro v5.11 (and higher). It must be the PRO version as this offers the remote control capability. 

Please ensure you are running the PRO version and 5.11 or higher. The *short breaknote only works in v5.2+

The remote control port must be setup inside StationPlaylist as follows. Any firewalls on the playout server must also allow network traffic to pass through on the port number used.


We designed SPLRemote to connect to your StationPlaylist Pro server on an internal LAN (Local Area Network). While it can connect to a remote server through the internet, we do not recommend you connect on the open internet. 

If you want to remote control StationPlaylist, we thoroughly recommend that you access through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network). Ask your station's network administrator for more details.


When you install the app and run for the first time, you will be asked to enter the server address and port. This is where StationPlaylist is running. Make sure the TCP Server is running, this can be found in the  Communications tab in Options


SPLRemote uses the TCP Server NOT the Studio Monitor Server. 

Enter, or note the port number in use. This needs to be open on the PC firewall too. This should be entered into SPLremote settings page.

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