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Getting Started (SPLRemote)

SPL Remote is no longer available. More details can be found here.

Thank you for downloading SPLRemote. If you're unsure of the requirements, please check out this article.

This now covers Version 2 released on 14th December 2020

It is very important that StationPlaylist Pro is setup correctly in advance. Ensure you are running the latest version of StationPlaylist PRO (or v5.11 as a minimum).

Please do not purchase the in-app upgrade until you know the connection works. 


Before we can connect SPLRemote we do need to make sure StationPlaylist Pro is setup properly. This can be done without impacting your on-air or streaming output. 

On the " View" menu, select "Options". On the Options window, select "Communications". 


SPLRemote uses the TCP Server NOT the Studio Monitor Server nor the VT Server. 

Select the Port number (Between 1024 and 65536, depending on your needs). Make sure you don't pick a port already in use by other applications. Enter or leave the " Send Response" as OK. Enable the TCP Server by checking the "Enabled" box. IP Restriction should be left alone (Mobile devices on WiFi will change their IP addresses frequently).

We must enter the Send Response as OK  - SPLRemote receives OK back and assumes a good response. (please note, this must be a capitalized OK. 'ok' will not work properly. We will fix that in a later version. 

A short video is available to help with this process.


We must allow the port you selected to accept incoming traffic. There are many guides on how to set up the Windows Firewall.  Here is one of them.


When you first launch SPLRemote, it should ask you to enter the server details and port number. Click on settings and you should see the screen below.


You can enter the details for up to four stations. To add this, press "Edit Stations".


Enter your Station Name, StationPlaylist computer's IP address (or machine name), then enter the port number you setup earlier. Press " Save & Verify" to test the connection. If successful, you will receive a message pretty quickly. If it takes more than a few seconds, chances are it will fail. You should receive an error message. Check the TCPServer is enabled and the firewall allows the traffic through that port. 

*NEW* The fourth entry for each station allows you to add the ability to control enabling/disabling a DSP in the "Output" tab of Station Playlist settings. This is useful for turning encoders off or on, or disabling compression if required. See "V2 What's New" for more details. 

For troubleshooting, you may need to disable the PC firewall. Ensure your IT support is aware of this. (Some may have the Windows Firewall disabled anyway!).

Once connected, press "Status" and that will retrieve the current status of your StationPlaylist. "Live" and "Break Notes" will allow remote control but are only available after the purchase of a small in-app purchase.

A short video is available to help with this process.

This video shows version 1 of SPL Remote. It will be updated as soon as possible.

Good luck.

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