What's New - Version 1.5

ClockMaker received an update in November 2019 by adding the two most requested featured. 

  1. Annotations - More detail on the entry
  2. Markers - Zero duration entries that can highlight a time in the clock.

Let's look at these. 


You can add an option annotation to each entry. When you export a PDF these will appear as a box connected to the segment on the clock. 

Display of the PDF export from ClockMaker

Even though a clock may have annotations you can generate a PDF without them very quickly by choosing the Export PDF (No Annotations)  option. Additionally, as can be seen below, you do not have to delete an entry to remove the annotation temporarily, just deselect the Show Annotation in the entry window.

Display of the entry window showing new options

Finally the list of clock segments now indicates whether an entry has an annotation by showing a small icon that looks like a text bubble.

Picture showing the new icons in the list of segments


These are zero duration entries that will show as a thick black line on the clock. You can annotate these entries as well.

We do have other items on the feature list from you and will be reviewing these. More details can be found on our public roadmap page which can be found here.

If you have found a bug or have an idea that makes it work better please let us know by using the contact us link below. 

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