On the Setup page in your Ring The Bell Alerts™ Shopify store app you can change many options, setup alerts and also add/remove mobile devices and email addresses.

Low Inventory Alerts

When you first install Ring The Bell Alerts™ we set the threshold to 10 items. When your products are ordered we then change your shops inventory on products tracked. If this drops below the threshold we will trigger alerts to emails, mobile devices and/or your teams Slack channel depending on what was setup.

Individual products can have different (lower or higher) thresholds and can be setup in the Setup menu, click on Product Watch.

Send Alerts on New Orders

Your shop already send emails from new orders however we can take it one stage further. We can send them to your teams emails, mobile devices and/or your teams Slack channel depending on what was setup.

The Minimum order value will only trigger alerts on orders with that are the same value or higher. This helps you cut down on the noise and get the great feeling when high value orders come in. 

Refunds and Canceled Orders

When one of your team issues a refund and/or an order gets canceled alerts can be triggered.

Slack Alerts

Slack is a great tool for team collaboration (and the basic plan is free and most likely will fulfill your needs) and Ring The Bell Alerts™ can send alerts to your Slack group. This bit can be a little complicated but don't worry, we will try and make it easy.

You will need access to your teams Slack admin section. To setup the Slack group to receive our alerts follow our guide here.

Slack Webhook

This will be the URL that is shown on the Slack group admin once this has been setup. Copy and paste that to here.


When the webhook was setup, a default channel was added. However, if you multiple channels, we can send our alerts to a different channel. It can be left blank or added.

Mobile device setup can be found here.

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