Getting Started (Ring The Bell Alerts™)

Welcome to Ring The Bell Alerts™, 

The aim is to help you spend less time on email and get informed when you need to know. 

By default when you first install Ring The Bell Alerts™ we setup your email address to receive the alerts, however we can add a free mobile app as well as sending the alerts to a Slack channel. If you don't know what Slack is, it can be a useful message tool to your shop team and the free version offers the functionality you need.  More details can be found here.

Ring The Bell Alerts™ can send alerts for the following events that will happen on your shop.

  • Low Stock - You can set a store wide low threshold but also set the low quantity for individual products too
  • Orders - Alerts can be sent on all orders which for a busy store may be too much. If you would prefer to receive alerts on high-value orders you can set the minimum value to send an alert
  • Refunds - As a shop owner you may want to know if a team member issues a refund. 
  • Canceled Order - Hopefully these never happen but they do. Receive an alert when it does happen. 

So let's get going and setup your alerts in Ring The Bell Alerts™ in your Shopify shop.

So click on Settings. Detailed information on the page can be found here.

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