Mobile Device Setup

Welcome. We will show you how to setup Ring The Bell Alerts TM

Please download either the iPhone/iPad app or the Android app.

When you run the app for the first time it will need to be connected to your Ring The Bell Alerts™ setup. In your Shopify store,  in Apps, select Ring The Bell Alerts™  and then when that has loaded click on Setup, then on Settings. Scroll down to Push Notifications.

Click on the blue button, Add Mobile Device (iOS/Android)

You will see a code, 6 letters and/or numbers. This is how we will connect to your newly installed app on your mobile device. Now, let's move to the mobile device. Run Ring The Bell Alerts™ app and go to the settings tab.

The Nickname can be any thing you want, it is just a reminder of what it is in the setup. For Code, please enter the 6 character code from the Shopify app screen. Then press Register Device. If all is well, and the code is correct, your mobile device is now connect to Ring The Bell Alerts™. You can test test this by clicking on Send Test Message. This will send a test to all devices registered to Ring The Bell Alerts™.

The code will expire after fifteen (15) minutes so if you do not get round to setting up the mobile device, please click on Settings again in the main app. 

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