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Remote Control

SPL Remote is no longer available. More details can be found here.

The ability to control some functions of StationPlaylist Pro is an in-app purchase and should only be purchased when you know SPLRemote can connect properly.

We are limited to the functionality made available as part of the Communications provided by StationPlaylist Pro. Feedback and feature requests are welcome.

When you send a remote command, a small green check mark will appear near the top buttons for two seconds. This shows StationPlaylist has received the command and sent back an OK status. If there is a problem, we will show an alert.





Sends the Play command. Identical to the PLAY button functionality on the main application. See the help file for more details.


Will send a SKIP NEXT command.


No arguing, will stop playback.Next track in the playlist will be selected.


Will toggle the Mic input on or off.


Will toggle the Line Input on or off


Will toggle the Automation. 


StationPlaylist Pro has four cart banks. You can switch between them easily. Pressing the appropriate Cart button will send a PLAY command to start that Cart. You can stop the Cart by pressing Cart Stop.

iPhones and Android phones will only show 12 Carts (1-12) on each bank. iPads and Android tablets should show all 24.


Not all break notes have been added. If a break note you use regularly is missing please let us know so we can add to a future upgrade.


Press the break note you want to send. The selected break note will appear just above the red SEND button. When you send that break note it will remain selected until a new one is chosen. The green checkmark is the same as the response in the LIVE view. It will appear for two seconds and shows StationPlaylist has responded OK.

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