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Known Issues

SPL Remote is no longer available. More details can be found here.

While we endeavor to produce bug free software, the reality is sometimes there are known issues. This will list what we know and how to work around it.

SPLRemote Connects but shows no status/unable to control

During the Beta-Test we saw that sometimes the StationPlaylist TCP server would connect but ignore us and not respond. We can only correct this on the StationPlaylist program itself. 

We can do this without affecting your on-air or streaming station.

In the Options window, from the View menu, select Communications


Uncheck the TCP Server. Hit the APPLY button, then go back to this setting and check TCP Server again. This resets the TCP Server and SPLRemote will connect again.

We don't believe this to be an issue in StationPlaylist and are trying to diagnose this as a bug with StationPlaylist.

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